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TEOS Scrubber Equipment

TEOS is liquid under room temperature and normal pressure. For the convenience of use in CVD production procedure and production stability,the container which fill with TEOS is heating to around 40~70℃ in order to increase saturated vapor pressure and to use gaseous status TEOS in CVD deposition reaction.

Because the Step Coverage capability of TEOS-SiO2is extremely well,the TEOS-SiO2reaction which TEOS is the major factor has been widely adopted by the semiconductor industries.

TEOS Scrubber utilize the potassium atom、Sodium atom or Calcium atom in the adsorbent to generate Extremely strong IONIC FORCE to the polar molecules and then produce adsorption, such as carbon dioxide、Linear alkane、long linear alcohol and so on. It also can be used in the separation of Oxygen gas or nitrogen gas and drying/purification of gas.

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