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Local Dry Scrubber Equipment

This equipment will be set up at the backend of production equipment. All the acid gas generated by all kind of the production process especially etching treatment and film process can be totally handled to the detectable lower limit of FTIR. The type of gas can be deal with include HF、Cl2、HCl、HBr、SiF4、BCl3or hydrogen sulfide(H2S)、Hydrochloric acid(HCL)Sulphur Dioxide(SO2) and so on.

The handling efficiency of Rongtay's Dry Scrubber equipment has been tested by Zhongshan Institute of Science and Industrial Technology Research Institute for many times. The test results showed the value is below the detectable lower limit at the Outlet end after using our Dry Scrubber equipment to do the treatment even though the concentration at the Inlet end is more than several thousands of ppm.

Current market share is about 55%~60%. Major customers are semiconductor industries first line leading companies.

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